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AlgoSeas Gaming Mini-Guide: Titles

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Algoseas is a browser based idle game built on the Algorand blockchain. If this is your first time hearing about it — I recommend reading the comprehensive beginner guide to the game.

Recently, the hardworking dev team added Titles to the game in an update. Titles are unique modifiers that can be earned through completing various tasks. Once you earn a title, your ship carries it forever. Titles provide stat bonuses and niche benefits that can help drive more complicated crew strategies.

In this guide, I will share information about how to get each title and the benefits they provide.

Title Table of Contents

Former King
True King
Kraken Slayer
Against All Odds
United We Float
Companion Ship
Jack of All Trades


Former King

a player winning the status of true king

Description: A helpful cost-saving benefit, making rum a more affordable option.
How to Earn: Become a Pirate King by plundering the most doubloons in one day.
Benefit: Your crew has a 10% chance of keeping rum when used in combat.

True King

Description: A fantastic crew strengthening benefit that can be extremely helpful for high constitution pirates.
How to Earn: Become a True King by holding the title of Pirate King on consecutive days.
Benefit: Your pirates will have +1 added to the base stat before any roll (cannot exceed 100).

Mission Master

Description: A very strong title that significantly boosts guild rewards.
How to Earn: Complete 50 different stat idle missions.
Benefit: Idle missions rewards boosted by +1. Example: rolling an accessory level 4 will now reward a level 5 accessory.

Kraken Slayer

Description: A useful perk that helps you avoid the Royal Navy slightly more.
How to Earn: Defeat the Kraken, a special event monster that does not currently haunt the seas.
Benefit: Your Favorable Winds rolls will use your 2nd lowest luck instead of the lowest.

Jack of All Trades

Description: Not known yet.
How to Earn: Beat the six specialists during the special event. Use the correct combination of stats and accessories to weaken the specialist crew.
Benefit: Not known yet.


Algoseas Rich Merchants
My Crew attacking some Rich Merchants

Description: A great perk for active play that can increase $DUB production.
How to Earn: Return home carrying 500,000 Dubs in a single tick.
Benefit: You have a 10% higher chance of finding Rich Merchants.

Against All Odds

Description: Small amount of Death Insurance when attacking the Royal Navy.
How to Earn: Defeat the Royal Navy with only 3 crewmembers.
Benefit: Your crew has a 10% chance of avoiding death when you lose while attacking the navy.

United We Float

Description: A great miscellaneous perk that can help you train a prized pirate safely.
How to Earn: Set Sail with 4 consecutive PirateIDs on your crew.
Benefit: Your crew will be sorted by pirate ID during combat, not by base stat. Smallest ID fights first.

Companion Ship

Description: A niche perk that keeps Pirates with pets alive longer, much like real life.
How to Earn: Set Sail with 4 pirates that have a unique pet. (Monkey, Parrot, Octopus, Turtle)
Benefit: Any Pirate with a pet is twice as likely to survive via a last chance luck roll.


Description: A useful perk that can accelerate Pirate King runs in certain metas.
How to Earn: Defeat the ghosts of christmas past, present, and future (Winter 2022 event)
Benefit: Start with 2 infamy instead of 1.

Tip, use a crew with all similar stats to defeat the ghosts, especially the ghost of christmas future.

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Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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