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Alchemon: The Leading NFT Game on Algorand

Alchemon is a NFT-based monster-collecting, battling and trading card game built on the Algorand Blockchain. The game and play to earn economy are centered on the collection of “Alchemon,” NFT monster cards that have various attributes, rarities and combat stats. Players collect Alchemon and use them to battle against other teams, earning AlcheGold and AlcheCoin for doing so. The project is one of the biggest games being developed on Algorand, and has at least nine full time employees currently working on it. It has done over $900k in USD sales so far, and received $1M USD in funding from Borderless Capital.

Note: Unfamiliar with Algorand and want a simple, interesting introduction? Read here.

Table of Contents

The Alchemon Game
Alchemon Mainnet V2.0
Purchasing Alchemon
Alchemon Staking and Evolving
Crafting Alchemon
Leveling and Evolving Alchemon In-Game

The Alchemon Game

Alchemon monsters Venoreaper, Cyclostorm and Barkly battling to earn AlcheGold.
A 3v3 Alchemon Battle

The Alchemon Game functions around the use of battling NFT trading cards with varying rarity and strength. These cards can be used for 3v3 combat against computers and players. Winning battles results in rewards. Stronger cards are likely to have more success in battle than weaker cards. The launch includes PvE, alchebilities and alchemon evolution; but future launches will include PvP, mobile support and more. The first version of the game has great battle features and earnings potential, which provide a very entertaining base to continue building on.

Alchemon Combat

Alchemon uses attribute based battling. This means that each monster has type attributes which react differently to other monster types. A fire type monster and fire type attacks will be strong against an ice type monster, but will take extra damage from a water type monster. You can see the full attribute chart below.

alchemon type attributes
Source: Alchemon Twitter

AlcheCoin and AlcheGold: Play to Earn Currencies

Alchemon Earning Alchegold and experience

Alchemon runs using a dual token system, the first of which is AlcheGold.

AlcheGold (ASA ID: 877703456)

AlcheGold (877703456) is now part of the game with the release of Version 1. It can be used to buy potions in the player shop for 5 Alchegold each. It will also be used for quick-leveling Alchemon. Currently, you get 10 AlcheGold per battle won.

The distribution of AlcheGold is as follows:

Alchemon $ALCHEGOLD tokenmonics

AlcheGold’s price is roughly 0.000103 Algo right now.

AlcheCoin (ASA ID: 310014962)

AlcheCoin is Alchemon’s governance token and currency for use outside of the game.

AlcheCoin’s main purpose is to control the game’s future and the treasury. AlcheCoin is currently used for evolving Alchemon, purchasing Alchemon Toyz, buying special attack cards called Alchebilities, attack potions, and more. AlcheCoin can be earned through holding Alchemon NFTs and through playing the Alchemon Game.

AlcheCoin’s price is roughly 0.007 Algo right now.

How to Start Playing Alchemon

alchemon battle hub and monster loadout

The first version of the game has launched, and successfully built on the early two beta versions. Many features are now functional, with PvP slated to arrive soon. In order to start playing you can follow the steps below:

You will need: 3 Alchemon, a Pera Wallet, an email address, a Mac/Windows computer.

Step 1. Go to the Alchemon Launch Page

Step 2. Follow download instructions for mac or windows.

Step 3. Once the game has launched, sign up and create an account. Verify your email.

Scanning your Alchemon Pera Wallet

Step 4. Connect your wallet by scanning the QR code. Troubleshooting is being done on discord and I will also create a section dedicated to it.

Step 5. Put your team together, hop in battle, and start earning some AlcheGold!

Purchasing Alchemon NFTs

Set 5 Alchemon commons can currently be purchased from the Rand Gallery store for 5 Algo each. These are the only ones that are for sale via the official store, and all other Alchemon must be purchased on secondary or evolved for.

There are currently 5 sets of Alchemon, with each newer set having a lower and lower mint quantity.

Note: Purchasing Alchemon and Packs must be done using MyAlgoWallet, while playing the game requires Pera wallet. It is best to just connect the two in order to play. You can do this by using the import seed phrase feature.

Alchemon Staking & Evolving

alchemon staking
Source: Alchemon NFT Evolution

Staking and Evolving Alchemon

Staking and evolving Alchemon is a fundamental part of the game. Alchemon start out in their base form as a common type trading card. In the above example, the third Alchemon is electric-type Zip, one of the four base commons from Set 4. We will use Zip as our example for staking and evolving, but it is important to note that Zip can no longer be evolved as the game is now on Set 5. Currently, there are two out-of-game ways to evolve: passive wallet staking and trading-in.

Passive Alchemon Staking

Passive Staking allows for one Alchemon per wallet to be upgraded every six days. To participate, you must send common or uncommon alchemon to the Alchemon staking wallet and then six days later you will be sent back the upgraded version. In our given example, both “Zip” and “Zipadol” can be sent to be upgraded, but “Zipacute” cannot. Ensure that you have the asset you would like to receive added in your wallet.

Note: Make sure to verify that the staking wallet has an upgrade available, as supplies are limited. You can check that here.

Alchemon Staking Address (always verify, don’t trust this to be correct): 5Q2PRQDMH7JNT76EYFXBB4UBFVBL6WI37GTJC7HELNPZ4EL5BE6WKQXP4Y

Crafting Alchemon

crafting alchemon

Crafting is the process through which Epic and Legendary Alchemon can be obtained. Crafting uses trustless Alchemon smart contracts, which combine multiple rare Alchemon into an epic one for the cost of a small fee. Crafting can also be used to quick evolve common and uncommon alchemon.

Alchemon Craft and Evolve for Legendaries
Set 5 Crafting

Crafting Example: Creating a Torcydious (set 5 epic).

First, I need to make sure I have the required materials to craft a Torcidyious. The recipe says I need 2 Torrments, 2 Incydious, and 250 Alch. Once I have those in my wallet, I go to the swap link and select an account. I connect my wallet, and then click craft. It asks me to verify the transactions. I confirm and sign them.

Just like that, I have a Torcydious in my wallet!

Alchemon Leveling and In-Game Evolving

Players can level up their Alchemon if they have gained enough experience.
Choosing which Alchemon to Evolve

Version 2.0 of beta brought exciting changes, one of the most notable being in-game experience gain and leveling. Each time your Alchemon wins a battle and survives, it gains experience. Collect enough EXP, and your Alchemon will level up. This will boost one or more of the Alchemon’s base stats, making it permanently more powerful.

Reach a high enough level, and Set 4 and onward alchemon can be evolved, while supplies last. This means that if you have two fully leveled Set 4 rares, you can evolve them into a Set 4 epic.


Alchebilities are Special Attack ASA NFTS purchaseable from the AlcheShop.

Alchebilities are special attack ASAs that can be purchased with AlcheCoin. They cost 800 ALCH each and can be purchased from the store. These are limited mint (2000) abilities that can be attached to an Alchemon of the same type and be used in combat.

Alchebilities allow for various attacks that normal abilities cannot do. For example, the Phoenix Alchebility allows you to revive an Alchemon that has fallen in combat. The Mental Maze Alchebility confuses your opponent, making it so there is a chance enemy attacks will hit themselves or their teammates.

AlcheCoin Wallet Staking

One of the coolest features about Alchemon is that you can earn just by owning the trading card NFTs. Every week on Saturday evening AlcheCoin is paid out passively to owners of Alchemon. The rarer the Alchemon, the more AlcheCoin you receive. Participating is super easy, and in order to do so you must:

  1. Own an Alchemon (see below for reward rates based on sets + rarity)
  2. Accept AlcheCoin Asset 310014962 in the wallet with the Alchemon
  3. Accept Stake Flag Asset 320570576 (this helps their bot find your wallet)
alcemon staking rewards for set 1, set 2, set 3, set 4
Source: Alchemon Weekly AlchCoin Rewards

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