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About Algonaut.Space

AlgonautBlog is a premier blog about Algorand, and all aspects of the decentralized economy being built on it. The goal of this blog is to learn, educate, support and constructively criticize the development of Algorand’s DeFi space. Algorand has immense potential to transform the world, whether that is through the tech of the Algorand blockchain itself or the innovation of the users of it; this blog wants to document and spread awareness about it all.


In the crypto space, there is a lot of fear, greed, FUD, bad agents, and over-optimism. This blog will help you avoid all of that. The belief of this blog is that objective, constructive support is the best kind of support for a project. There will be no blind shilling of tokens, projects or affiliates. We will seek to understand and evaluate new and old projects as they arise, and support the Algorand ecosystem so long as it stays true to its integrity.

About Me

Beyond being a passionate supporter of Algorand and the Algorand community, I am an avid sports fan and reader. I have Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from UC Berkeley, and am a product manager at a tech company.

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Twitter: @algonautspace