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AlgoSeas Guilds: Maximize In-Game Rewards

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AlgoSeas is a popular browser based pirate idle game built on the Algorand Blockchain. The game centers around the collection of pirate NFTs which perform various idle actions to earn algos, loot, doubloons, experience, and items. AlgoSeas recently launched guilds and idle missions, a new feature that increases the intricacy of the game and adds a new exciting social aspect to it.

Guilds and solo missions can be a bit complicated, so this guide is here to serve as a complete reference for all things AlgoSeas guilds. If you are not a current AlgoSeas player, check out my introductory guide.

Table of Contents

Guilds Overview
How to join a Guild
Idle Missions
Idle Mission Rewards
Creating an AlgoSeas Guild

AlgoSeas Guilds Overview

Guilds are a fun and rewarding new addition to the AlgoSeas game, and consists of five members working together to earn guild XP and earn algo and in-game rewards.

The most important part of guilds are idle missions, which are daily quests your pirates can set out on that cost $DUB and reward rum, guild XP, stat boosts and pirate accessories. Completing idle missions is an integral part of creating a strong crew, as accessories will become increasingly important to maximizing $DUB earnings and pirate strength. Eligibility for solo missions will be based off pirate traits, which are created upon pirate mint. It is important to have a balanced array of pirates with some legendary traits in order to make the most out of solo missions.

There are also 330 Algos currently available as rewards for the top guilds, which are determined based on Guild XP earned each season.

How to Join an AlgoSeas Guild

AlgoSeas Straw Hat Fleet

Joining an AlgoSeas guild is easy, though getting into more competitive guilds may require more effort. Navigate to the guilds page and search amongst guilds that don’t yet have 5 members. You can also search on discord to find crews that will be in more constant communication.

Guild participation also means that your crews will not attack each other on the seas, so be sure to pick active guildmates!

Idle Missions | AlgoSeas Guilds

Idle Missions are the most important and exciting aspect of guilds and have some powerful rewards. In order to participate in idle missions, you need to be part of a guild. There are three missions available each day, and eligibility for each one is based off a series of pirate requirements.

You also need to have pirates that can participate in each mission, and eligibility is determined based off your pirates traits, which are created upon pirate nft mint.

AlgoSeas Pirate Traits

There are five categories of pirate traits, bucketed into the following: Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, Common. It is estimated that two out of three missions each day will require a legendary trait (as well as other less rare traits), so it is important to start collecting pirates with legendary traits. You can find a more detailed spreadsheet of trait rarity here.

The percentage chance of a pirate having a certain trait category is as follows:
Legendary, 2.5% | Epic, 5% | Rare, 10% | Uncommon, 50%

The best way to look at your pirate’s rarities is by going to the AlgoSeas stats page, which shows you all traits for dead and alive pirates.

How to Sort Pirate Stats on AlgoSeas

Idle Mission Rewards | AlgoSeas

Idle Missions are very lucrative, and have unique rewards such as item accessories, guild XP, stat boosts, and rum. You can see the type of reward for each missions by looking at the reward crests. Each mission takes between 6 to 22 hours, and prevents the embarked pirates from undergoing any other actions.

Pirate Accessories | AlgoSeas Guilds

Accessories are idle mission rewards that are permanently bound to your pirate’s NFT arc69 metadata when obtained. This means that you cannot trade/sell individual accessories, but must trade/sell the pirate itself. There are four new accessories, one for each pirate stat. In the future, there will likely be more accessories added. Each accessory can be level one through five, with there being a 4% chance of receiving a level 5 accessory (boosted by higher stat pirates).

Listed below are the currently obtainable accessories and the benefits they provide at level 5:

Pearl Dagger, Combat Accessory: [Attacking only] If this pirate wins combat they’ll share up to 10 combat points with another teammate who otherwise would lose.

Bandage, Constitution Accessory: It is 2x harder for this pirate to die.

Pocketwatch, Luck Accessory: If this pirate loses combat they have a 10% chance of re-rolling and keeping the higher of the 2 rolls.

Coin Purse, Plunder Accessory: You steal 5% more $DUB when winning a battle and opponents steal 5% less when you lose.

Pirate Accessories provide some very strong combat and utility buffs, and can make a top pirate crew crew into something even greater.

Idle Mission Stat Boosts

Guild idle missions are one of the safest and most effective ways to train your pirates. Each mission has a “stat type,” and some missions will reward pirate stat boosts upon completion. You are able to boost any of the pirates that embarked on the mission, and it is a permanent boost that does not go away. It is also one of the only ways in the game to train the luck stat.

training luck via stat boosts on algoseas
Luck Stat Boost on AlgoSeas

Stat boosts have some pretty interesting implications on pirate training for those with large, multi-trait crews. If a mission requires multiple traits (like seer and plumb long in the image above), you can send one pirate to fulfill multiple requirements, freeing up a slot for you to send a pirate that does not have a required trait. This means that you can send high combat/constitution pirates on missions and select them as the stat boost/item recipient afterwards and make them even stronger.

Resetting Idle Missions

Idle Missions reset every day at 5 PM PST/1AM UTC. You can also reset your missions for free once per day by using the shop “refresh missions” ritual. All active/embarked missions will remain, while any that have not been start or have been completed will be reset.

Guild XP and Rum

Guild XP and Rum are both rewarded from idle missions, and scale based on the stats of your pirates in the selected mission type. If your mission is a combat one, then you want to send our pirates that are high in combat. This will result in a higher chance of getting more Guild XP, Rum, and higher tier accessories. You can find a more detailed explanation in the rules.

Earning the Mission Master Title

Completing 50 of each stat type mission will reward you with the mission master title, which is extremely strong for boosting guild rewards. It will result in a +1 modifier to all reward rolls, meaning you get better odds are more XP, rum, and accessories every time. Example: You roll for accessories. Having the title active means you get a 2% higher chance of rolling a level 5 accessory.

AlgoSeas Mission Master Title
Mission Master Title

How to Create an AlgoSeas Guild

Creating a guild on AlgoSeas costs 10 Algo or 10 million $Doubloon. Each guild can have up to five members, and you can set XP requirements for applicants. Running a guild is not an easy task, and often requires you to be on top of other member’s XP earning.

creating an algoseas guild

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