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Home » Fracctal Monsters Guide: NFT Monster Taming on Algorand (March 2023)

Fracctal Monsters Guide: NFT Monster Taming on Algorand (March 2023)

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Fracctal Monsters is a play to own virtual petcare game built on the Algorand Blockchain. It uses Algorand NFTs to simulate the growth and evolution of unique pets, and is a progression of classic Web2 games such as Neopets, Tamagotchi, and Webkinz. It is one of the most thorough Web3 games on Algorand, and I have personally enjoyed playing it and believe it has a great chance of reaching a mass audience. If you are a fan of quality web3 games or the Algorand Blockchain, then Fracctal Monsters is a must try.

Guide Sections

Fracctal Monsters Game Overview
Fracctal Monster NFTs (Pets)
– Caring for Fracctal Monsters
– Petcare and Monster Mood
– Training Your Pet
Exploring Fracctal Island
– Flower Forest
PvE and PvP Guide
– PvE
– PvP
– Combat Moves
How to Start Playing Fracctal Monsters
– Step 1: Setting up an Algorand Wallet
– Step 2: Purchasing a Fracctal Monsters NFT
– Step 3: Connecting to the Website
$FRACC Token
Fracctal Tamers
– Tamer Benefits
Fracctal Guilds

Fracctal Monsters Game Overview

fracctal monster beginner beach

The Fracctal Monsters game has been in development for over a year, with a core team of five employees and seven staff members. Its adjacent Fracctal Tamers series has already done over 1.25 million in $ALGO sales.

Players explore the world of Fracctal Island while raising a unique NFT monster, training it to be strong enough to venture out and survive. Players care for their pet, train it, evolve it, and collect items with the goal of making it strong enough to explore increasingly dangerous lands and dungeons.

The longer you interact with your pet, the stronger your bond becomes and the more things it becomes capable of doing. The goal of the game is to create a positive experience for players as they develop a bond with their monster and become proud of their effort and achievements. The game also has a strong social aspect to it, with the formation of pet guilds and the planned introduction of group dungeons. I have also found the community to be overwhelmingly positive and enjoyable to interact with.

Fracctal Monsters NFTs (Pets)

8 elements of fracctal monsters

Fracctal Monsters are unique creatures that inhabit the world of Fracctal Island. They are NFT pets that each have unique attributes— no two monsters are alike. We know that there are 7 elements of monsters, though only plant-type monsters are currently accessible. Each element has 4,096 unique 1/1 monsters, but eventually adult pets can be cross-bred to create hundreds of thousands of mixed-element generations.

Caring for Fracctal Monsters

fracctal plant monster evolution
Plant Monster Evolution

Each fracctal monster starts out as a baby. The more you play and develop it, the stronger it will get until it evolves into its child and adult stages.

The starting grounds for the game is Beginner Beach, an interactive screen where players can care for and train their monster. Fracctal Monsters uses a multi-care management system where players must actively support the development of the monsters under their care. Some of the needs of your pet monster are: playing, feeding, training, exploring, resting, and more!

Tip: At any time, you can view your pet’s data by clicking on the laptop on the left side of the beach.

Petcare and Monster Mood

how to keep your pets happy in fractal monsters

Pet mood is an important factor in determining your monster’s ability to evolve and grow stronger. In order to keep your pet in a good mood, you need to properly care for it and make sure its more pressing needs are met. If your pet grows hungry, you must feed it food items that you get through exploration. Pet gets sleepy? Make sure it gets some quality sleep in its tent!

Training your Fracctal Monster

In order for monsters to get strong enough to evolve, they will also need to train with the monster trainer Swenor. You can access this through beginner beach, and you can train a monster’s speed, attack, and defense skills in a training game mode. Training increases pet mood, maximizes pet’s individual stats, and increases the likelihood of evolution.

Attack Training: Hit Swenor as often as possible within the time limit.
Defense Training: Absorb every attack thrown.
Speed Training: Dodge every attack.

Exploring Fracctal Island

exploring fracctal island

Once you are familiar with Beginner Beach you can start exploring Fracctal Island, and the first area available for players is the Flower Forest.

Flower Forest

Once players enter flower forest, they can collect items from the environment and interact with friendly monsters during the day.

During the night, flower forest becomes a dangerous area crawling with enemies. Brave tamers will venture out and battle these creatures, some of which may drop material that can be used to craft spells and strengthen your monster.
Tip: The more monsters held in a single account/wallet, the higher spawn rate of items in the forest.

flower forest monsters

Fracctal Monsters PvP and PvE

Fracctal Monsters has some well thought out and intricate combat mechanics, containing both Player Versus Environment (PvE) and Player Versus Player (PvP)

PvE (Player Vs. Environment)

PvE fracctal monsters

PvE on Fracctal Monsters features real-time combat against hostile creatures encountered when exploring. It will consist of point-and-click combat based on monsters stats and be used to clear environments to search for items.

PvP (Player Vs. Player) Monster Combat

PvP monster NFT combat

PvP combat on Fracctal Monsters consists of command driven combat against other players with the goal of reducing the other monster’s health to zero. I tested the Combat, and I’ve found it to be fun and interactive.

Success in PvP will be a factor of multiple things: skill, strategy, pet bond, moves, and spell preparations. Through exploring, players can obtain items and craft spells that will allow them to perform more versatile attacks and dodges, though you can enter each battle with only a few pre-selected attacks.

Items will not be used in PvP to prevent the game from becoming play-to-win, though it may become a part of dungeon exploration with other players.

Combat Moves

moves skill tree fractal monsters

Moves are an important part of PvP, and they are earned through battle. There are five types of moves: melee, projectile, aerial, defense and move-attack. The top row of moves (above the red line) are ones that a monster inherently knows. All moves below are unlocked by winning a combat match where an enemy has used an un-learned move. The stronger your bond with your pet, the more likely you are to learn a move after winning a match.

You can enter battle with up to three moves, which cannot be duplicated or changed during the match (red rectangle, bottom left).


Crafting spells in fracctal monsters

Spells are a recent addition to Fracctal Monsters, and can be purchased by collecting enough crafting resources from around the forest.

Some of the resources needed are: sticks, leaves, flowers, gels, roses, rocks, and more.

How to Start Playing Fracctal Monsters

Starting with Fracctal Monsters is super easy, even if you have never interacted with the blockchain before. You need two things: A Fracctal Monster NFT, and an Algorand Wallet. If you already have an Algorand Wallet skip to step #2.

If you do not have an Algorand Wallet, start below.

Step 1: Setting up a FraccWallet (If you do not have an Algorand Wallet)

If you have never interact with the Algorand Ecosystem (guide) before, do not worry. The Fracctal Monsters team have created an easy way to set up a fresh Algorand Wallet.

To start, navigate to the play section on the Fracctal Monsters website and select “Create a FraccWallet.” This will start a series of step that will create an Algorand Wallet for you, secured by a seed phrase.

You will then be prompted to create and enter a password. After doing so, Fracctal Monsters will then generate a new Algorand Wallet for you.

Algorand Wallets are used to interact with the Algorand Ecosystem. They are secured by a recovery phrase, which is a list of 25 words that should be saved in a safe place and should never be shared. If someone gains access to your recovery phrase, they can drain all your funds. Never, ever share your seed phrase.

Save your 25 words in a place you will not lose and that no one will be able to access. Do not ever put it anywhere on the internet, or give it to anyone who asks. Fracctal Tamers or anyone associated will never ask for this.

Once you have saved your seed phrase safely, you can move on to funding your FraccWallet and playing the game.

Funding Your FraccWallet with $ALGO

You will need to fund your wallet with $ALGO, the token of the Algorand Blockchain. You can do this through one of two ways:

  1. Sending $ALGO over from a crypto exchange or hot wallet to your wallet address.
  2. Directly purchasing $ALGO using OnRamper.

Step 2: How to Buy a Fracctal Monsters NFT

Once you have a funded Algorand Wallet, you will need to obtain a Fracctal Monster NFT to start.

You can purchase Fracctal Monster NFTs either directly from the shuffle, from another player on the marketplace, or by owning a Fracctal Tamer which comes with a free Fracctal Monsters pack.

Instant Shuffles and How to Buy Element Monsters

Element monsters can be purchased through the use of Instant Shuffles (Packs), which will each yield one monster and four items to accompany it. Plant monsters will be the first element sold, with the expectation that new monster sets will be released every three months. The expected launch cost will be around $60 USD, with the expectation that you will not need to spend more later on for DLC or anything like that.

Pack Shuffles will work on a first come first serve basis, with each wallet needing to have enough algo and complete a captcha. Instant Shuffle pack smart contracts will be bound to wallets for 7 minutes, in order to prevent the shuffle from being gamed and spammed. Most packs will likely sell out within 2 to 5 minutes of release.

Mainnet Marketplace

The marketplace is a place where players can buy and sell Fracctal Monsters and items. It is built using unique metadata mechanics which allow it to display monster visuals. On the marketplace, players will be able to trade NFTs for Algo, NFTs for NFTs, and NFTs for tokens, making it a core exchange hub for the game.

Fracctal Monsters listed on the marketplace will be frozen in time and will not contribute towards stats like time needed for evolution. They will also not become hungry or bored.

Step 3: Connecting to the Fracctal Monsters Game

Once you have both an Algorand Wallet and a Fracctal Monsters NFT, you are ready to play! Navigate to the play button on the main site and connect your wallet. Connect your wallet and sign an ARC14 transaction to authenticate your session.

Once the transaction goes through, you are ready to enjoy the world of Fracctal Monsters.

$FRACC Token

$fracc token, currency of fracctal monsers

$FRACC (ASA ID: ) will be the in-game currency for Fracctal Monsters. You earn $FRACC by playing the game: completing missions, logging in, defeating bosses, winning in PvP, and achieving milestones.

$FRACC is used for in-game item purchase and sales in the marketplace. Due to the changing regulatory landscape for crypto tokens, $FRACC will currently only be used as an in-game token.

What are Fracctal Tamers/How to Buy Fracctal Tamers

Fracctal Tamers are the first NFT created for Fracctal Monsters, and their main purpose is to serve as cosmetic profile picture NFTs for the game.
My Fracctal Tamer!

Fracctal Tamers are the first NFT created for Fracctal Monsters, and their main purpose is to serve as cosmetic profile picture NFTs for the game. They are created by blockrunner, and can be found on both the game’s marketplace and Algorand marketplaces. While Tamers are not required to play the game, they do provide certain benefits: cosmetics, $KAROT rewards, $FRACC rewards, whitelist spots, a free mainnet plant monster upon launch, and access to Fracctal Guilds.

Note: I will be giving away 2 Fracctal Tamers (worth ~700A each!) on my twitter this week.

Fracctal Tamer Benefits

All the benefits of owning a fracctal tamer

How to Claim a Fracctal Tamer Pack

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your Wallet
  3. Near the top, select tamer claim.
  4. Choose the tamer you would like to redeem, and claim your free Fracctal Monster!
fracctal monster tamer claim

Fracctal Monsters Guilds

Fracctal Tamer Guilds are an exciting community aspect of the game. Owning a tamer is a requirement for entry, and participating in guilds allows you to earn community points which reward unique items, cosmetics, and $FRACC.

Guild points are earned by completing daily challenges, owning certain tamer traits, and achieving various in-game feats.

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