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Alvatars: Tile Fighters, an Innovative Play to Earn Algorand Game

Alvatars: Tile Fighters is an NFT-based play to earn game that makes use of Tile Fighters to allow players to battle against each other and participate in tournaments. It is built on the Algorand blockchain, which is well-known for it’s lightning fast speed and low usage costs. The Alvatars game centers around the use of NFT Tiles of various Power, which allow players to field a team and battle against other players and their Tiles. The project is currently ramping up for its beta game launch, and has already done $50k USD in sales on NFTexplorer.

Table of Contents

The Alvatars Game
Alvatars Gameplay
Tile Fighters
Purchasing Tile Fighters
Alvacoin + Tokenomics
Upgrading and Foiling Tile Fighters
Alvatars Roadmap
Dox Check
Important Alvatars Li

The Alvatars Game

Alvatars Deck

The main aspect of Alvatars are NFT “Tiles,” which are placed next to each other and contribute to the points a player earns. Each Tile is a unique Algorand NFT that has a Power rating, side levels, and various cosmetic features. You need a minimum of 5 Tiles to play, which can be purchased from packs or on secondary. The game requires that you connect either your Pera Wallet or your MyAlgoWallet. More owned Alvatars allows for more nuanced deck crafting.

Tile Fighters NFT

alvatars tile fighter with power level 17

Alvatars Tile Fighters are highly varied pieces that have different combat and cosmetic features. The most important feature of a Tile Fighter is their Power level, which is the large number at the right of the Tile. Power 18 Tiles are the strongest on average, while Power 10 Tiles are the weakest on average. The power level is the sum of all four sides’ stats.

Along with the overall Power level, there are side strength levels which determine the combat of that Tiles side. This adds an extra layer of nuance because depending on the battlefield, there may be more opportunity to place a weak side against a wall where it cannot be hit. In this sense, the 6-6-5-0 Power 17 Tile above could easily be stronger then a 4-4-5-5 Power 18 tile.

Cosmetically, the Tile Fighters have a tier and type classification. The highest tier Alvatars are Power 17/18 and gold, while the lowest tier Alvatars are Power 10/11/12 and black. There are four different types an Alvatar can be: druid, engineer, mage and warrior. Each class has a respective symbol, the above Tile is a warrior as denominated by the warrior helmet.

Alvatars Gameplay and Combat

Note: This is a pre-alpha image and only for basic visualization, it is highly subject to change.

Alvatars Gameplay is a turn-based system where players take turns placing a Tile and striking at other player’s Tiles to earn points. Games will be a battle royal style match against three other players in a 4 by 4 grid. The goal of the match is to earn the most points, by strategically attacking other Tiles and defending your own in order to maintain your advantage.


When it is your turn to move, you may place one of the Tiles held in your deck. If one of your Tile’s sides are touching another player’s Tile, you will attack. You can attack multiple sides at once. If your Tile stat on that side is higher than the opponents, you will “flip” the opponents Tile to your color, and gain a point. Type advantages will be used to determine tiebreakers.

Types Advantages: Mage > Warrior > Druid > Engineer > Mage

If the blue Tile is placed, it will flip the white Tile as it has a stronger side.
Alvatars flipped tiles
A flipped Tile after an attack.


Upon game start, some spots will be randomly generated with a type logo (mage, warrior, druid, engineer). Placing the same type of Tile on that spot will give the placed Tile a resonance boost, which will result in: the player earning a point, the Tile getting a +1 boost to stats up to 6 maximum, and an additional point being awarded to the player that controls that spot at the end of the game.

Note: If a Tile of a different class is placed on the spot, a resonance break will occur. No benefits will be awarded, and the mismatched Tile will be worth 0 points at the end of the game.


The goal of each match is to have the most points. To do that, you need to score. There are multiple ways to score:
1. Flipping an enemy Tile earns you 1 point.
2. Holding a Tile in your color at the end of the game earns you 1 point.
3. Holding a resonance boost earns you 2 instead of 1, and a resonance break earns you 0 instead of 1.

Purchasing Alvatars Tile Fighters

Alvatars corner shop where you can buy tile fighters.
Source: Alvatars Website

There are a handful of ways to purchase Alvatars. The first is through the official Alvatars Corner Shop, which sells individual Tiles, low tier packs, and occasional showcases of higher Power Tiles. You can purchase 10-Power Tiles from a shuffle here, and low tier packs that contain Power 10-13 Alvatars in a shuffle here. Soon, you should be able to purchase some of these with Alvacoin.

As always with Algorand NFTs, secondary is a very popular option for purchasing Tiles. These are safe peer-to-peer sales of packs and individual Tiles. Here are a couple secondary marketplaces that Alvatar NFTs are verified with:

NFTexplorer: An NFT Aggregator, that shows the cheapest Tiles across most platforms. AlgoSeas marketplace Tiles do not show up here.
ALGOXNFT: A major NFT marketplace that hosts Alvatar Tiles.

Alvacoin Play to Earn Tokenomics


Alvacoin, ASA ID 553615859, is the in-game currency for Alvatars. It is the primary way through which Alvatars is a Play to Earn game and there are a variety of ways to earn it, both in the game and out of the game. The total supply of Alvacoin is 24 billion, and it is not intended to be an investment asset.

Reminder: Always ensure that you have the right ASA ID and look for blue verification marks on Tinyman.

Alvacoin Staking

alvacoin earned per week by staking tile fighter nfts

The easiest way to earn Alvacoin is by simply owning Tile Fighter NFTs, as they pay out weekly rewards based on the Power of the Tile. You can see the full breakdown above, and the payout can be increased by foiling Tiles. Note that the last digit of each Tile ASA number dictates what day it pays out on, so you will receive payments on different days of the week. Make sure you are opted in to the Alvacoin Asset 553615859 if you have any Tiles.

Alvacoin In-game Rewards

Alvacoin can be earned through winning NFTs that provide additional Alvacoin staking per week. The main way to do this will be through quick play matches, which will feature four random players and the winner will be able to mint a low-cost NFT that will pay out Alvacoin indefinitely. Some of the quick play matches will be free to play and yield low payout NFTs, while some will have barriers to entry and return coveted payout NFTs.

Upgrading and Foiling NFT Tile Fighters

upgrading alvatars tile fighters

Purchasing stronger Tile Fighters is not the only way to increase your deck strength — you can also upgrade them. Upgrading Tiles is a simple process in which you can increase the Power level of one Tile by sacrificing another Tile and some Alvacoin or Algo. In the above example, the player is upgrading one of their Power 17 Tiles to Power 18, sacrificing another Power 17 Tile and 2500 Alvacoin to do so (Alternatively, 5 Algo could’ve been used to greatly reduce to Alvacoin cost). Note that the Power 18 stats will be randomized, but type and cosmetics will remain the same. When choosing which of two Tiles to upgrade you should primarily consider the type and cosmetic features. The table below shows the costs of upgrading.

upgrading costs for alvatars

Foiling Alvatars Tile Fighters

foiling alvacoin

In addition to upgrading Power levels, you can also foil your Power 18 Alvatar. This process costs 20 Algo and 50 Alvacoin, and it permanently changes your Tile’s cosmetic features. It also results in an increased flat staking bonus of 75 Alvacoin and a fluid 0.5% boost of all your staked Alvacoin. This effect is stackable, so the more foiled Power 18s you have the more Alvacoin all your Tiles will generate. 1000 Power 18s can be foiled each season.

Alvatars Roadmap

Alvatars Tile Fighters Roadmap
Source: Alvatars Whitepaper

A rough outline of the roadmap can be found above. It’s an exciting time for Alvatars to say the least!

You can stay up to date with Alvatars by checking out the AlgoGamingGuild.

Alvatars Safety Check

As we know, not all projects in crypto are trustworthy. This section is here to help you make your own decision.

The Alvatars team has been around and working hard for a good year. The creators are highly active on discord, and all aspects of their game and pack launches have been well-thought out and detailed. They have a website, frequently host town halls and voice chats, and an active community.

Dox Check: Alvatars: Tile Fighters is an official LLC, and the game is funded by the Algorand Foundation.

Alvatars Website, Discord and in a new tab)

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Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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