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AlgoSeas: How to Never Lose a Pirate

AlgoSeas is a popular and tick-based NFT pirate game in the Algorand ecosystem. It’s one of the highest earning games on the blockchain, and has been paying out sustainable rewards to players for over a year. Unfortunately, beginners often face the problem of their pirates dying too quickly, leaving them out of luck on their initial investment and feeling disgruntled.

Fortunately, there’s a viable strategy to avoid starter pirate death with a zero percent chance of losing your pirates while playing.

Tip: Unfamiliar with AlgoSeas? It’s a great game, and you can read my beginner guide to get started.

The Zero Death AlgoSeas Strategy

To employ this strategy effectively, I would recommend a crew of three or four decent pirates. Combat, Plunder, and Luck are the improtant stats for these pirates to have. Your pirates should never be making death rolls using this strategy, so constitution is not important.

In order to bring in a decent amount of doubloons ($dub) per day, I would recommend the following stats at a minimum:

Combat: 65+, higher is better. This stat will not be trained using this strategy, so a solid base level is recommended.
Plunder: 60+, can be trained over time
Luck: 50+, cannot be trained.

It is worth mentioning that you can employ this strategy with any pirates and earn some $dub per day, but you will find that better combat and plunder stats go a long way towards consistent earnings.

How to Protect Your AlgoSeas Pirates

Set Infamy Threshold to 1000

The core of this strategy is simple. The first part is that you never want to be making offensive rolls. When you attack other players in AlgoSeas, you have a much higher percentage chance of your pirates dying.

Set your infamy to 1000 to avoid pirate death

The way to control whether or not you attack other players is through the infamy threshold. For the no-death strategy, you want to set your infamy to 1,000. This means that you will only attack pirate ships that have 1,000 infamy, which is extremely unlikely.

You can experiment with your doubloon return threshold, but I have found that between 6,000 and 15,000 works best.

Activate Defense Death Ritual Every 24 Hours

AlgoSeas Shop death protection

With an infamy threshold of 1,000 you will not be attacking other players. But your pirates still can die while defending, although the odds are much lower. In order to prevent this, you need to use your daily shop spell on the “Defense Death Ritual.”

algoseas pirate defense death ritual

You can activate this once a day, and it resets at 5 PM PST. The Defense Death Rirutal guarantees that you pirates will not die while defending. So now your pirates are not attacking other players, and cannot die while defending. They will continue to earn doubloons through passive plunder of NPC merchants, and you can use this strategy to learn the ropes of the game without risking anything.

You need to make sure to activate this ritual every 24 hours, or else your pirates are susceptible to defense death. You will also not gain any combat or constitution experience with this strategy, meaning that your pirates will not be getting much stronger. The sole focus of this strategy is to safely accumulate $dubs.

small note: this strategy is closer to a 99.99% safe strategy. there is still an incredibly unlikely possibility where your ship attacks a 1000 navy ship, you lose, and a pirate rolls a death row.

Higher Risk Strategies & Important AlgoSeas Links

At a certain point, you will become comfortable with the games mechanics and will want to engage in more risky and rewarding game play. You can look to employ some of the other strategies for successful gameplay I have written about.

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