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How to buy $COOP in Less than a Minute

$COOP is the hottest coin in the Algorand Ecosystem, and for good reason. Distributed entirely as a joke, with 0% locked up or kept by the creator, it has taken fire and become the third most valuable token on Algorand.

Without wasting time, this guide will show you exactly how to buy $COOP, whether that is on Algorand or a bridged version on another blockchain. Algorand is an extremely fast and cheap blockchain, making it an easy and quick process to obtain any token, even if you have never used Algorand before. Use the links below to jump around quickly.

Disclaimer: Not financial advice. This is not a recommendation to buy $COOP, but a guide on how to do so.

Buying $COOP on Algorand

I do not have an Algorand Wallet
I have an Algorand Wallet

Buying bridged $COOP on other blockchains

How to buy $COOP on Algorand (without having a wallet)

In order to buy $COOP on Algorand, you need a self-custody wallet that supports Algorand tokens. Fortunately, Algorand has a great native wallet called Pera Wallet with both a web/mobile version. You can also use other wallets like Defly and Exodus.

Creating an Algorand wallet is very fast and easy. After selecting “create a new account,” you will be shown a 25 word recovery phrase. SAVE THIS IN A SECURE LOCATION. If your recovery phrase is lost, or stolen, you will lose full access to your funds.

Creating an Algorand Wallet on Pera Wallet to buy $COOP

After creating an account, you will need to fund the account with some $ALGO. The easiest way is to send some from a centralized exchange to your account/wallet address. You can find your account address on the mobile by selecting more and then copying/showing your address. This is your public address which you will use to receive transactions. This is also the address you will input to transfer $ALGO from an exchange. Test with a small amount to confirm that you are receiving your funds.

Swapping for $COOP on Algorand

Swapping for $COOP on Algorand is very easy. You can do it in-wallet using the Pera/Defly Wallet “Swap” features, or you can navigate to a dex like Tinyman or Pact.Fi, connect, and swap.

Once you have $ALGO in your wallet, opt into $COOP. It is important to verify that the ASA ID is 796425061. Make sure there is a verification check mark. On Pera Mobile, select your account, then the large plus button on the right side of the screen. Enter the ASA ID 796425061.

You can now swap for $COOP!

Buying $COOP with $ALGO on Tinyman
Buying $COOP with $ALGO on tinyman

There are two main things to watch out for:

  1. Make sure the ASA ID for $COOP is 796425061. Make sure there is a blue verified check mark next to $COOP.
  2. Make sure the trade will not have a massive price impact, and that you are okay with the amount of $COOP/$ALGO you will receive. This is mostly an issue with low liquidity pools, $COOP/$ALGO and $COOP/$USDC are pools with high liquidity.

Enjoy your coop! If you want to sell, you do so through the same process but reversed. If you’ve bought at least 1,500, then enter the CooperTrooper3000 mostlyfrens quest for a chance to win Algorand NFTs.

Buying $COOP on Different Blockchains

$COOP has been bridged to over 16 blockchains, but the two ones with significant enough liquidity are Ethereum and Polygon. You can use the Portal Bridge Verifier to confirm that the token you are swapping for is actually wrapped $COOP. Do not swap for tokens that are simply named “$COOP.” You must verify that the token is actually wrapped $COOP from the Algorand Blockchain.

Here are the Contract Addresses for $COOP on Ethereum and Polygon:



You can checkout to verify which networks have sufficient $COOP volume and liquidity.

Bridged $COOP to Polygon, Ethereum, and Avalanche.
Coop.Hair Bridged Tokens

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