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6 Great Community Sources of Algorand News

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Algorand’s recent explosion onto the Decentralized Finance means it is at times difficult to keep up with all the information coming at you. I thought I would take some time to shoutout six of my favorite community sources of information within the Algorand Community. This list is not in order and is certainly not comprehensive, so if you feel I’ve missed someone please do let me know. I most certainly have.

Cooper Daniels [Host of The ReCoop]

The ReCoop

Cooper Daniels, host of the ReCoop is known for his infamous AlgoRants. These videos feature him, well, ranting. About Algorand. And it’s great. He brings a lot of information to the table, and covers an extremely wide breadth of topics, all of which are Algorand related. In my humble opinion however, by far the most interesting and under-appreciated videos he makes are one-on-one interviews with prominent members of the Algorand community. He’s spoken with the founder of Glitter Finance, Algooracle, Prismatic, Headline, Opulous, Choice Coin, and more. At this point, it’s more of a task to figure out who he hasn’t spoken with.

The Crypto Hour

The Crypto Hour

Self advertised as a laid back – podcast style channel, The Crypto Hour has been creating Algorand content for months. His videos provide a unique and enjoyable perspective on crypto topics, with a good mix of quality information, advice and humor. I’ve actually laughed out loud a couple times listening to him. He’s a frequent content creator that engages heavily with the community, and has an optimistic style about where projects could be in the near to future term. One great video that showcases this is Investing in Algorand ASA’s? Here’s what you need to know | Tips To Protect Your Investment.

JT Invests In You

YT Channel

JT is another fantastic Youtube channel that does extremely in-depth Algorand focused youtube videos. And he makes a lot of them. It’s extremely clear that JT is dedicated to pushing out frequent content that targets the most prominent news pieces being released. I first learned of him when I wrote my piece on his interview with Yieldly CEO Sebastian Quinn, but that’s not even where his impressive work stops. He’s done long interviews on Algomint, Algoracle, Headline, Algodex and more. His videos are highly informative and great from an investor point of view.


YT Channel

FrugalBC is our fourth informative Algorand Youtuber. His vibe is a little bit different from the other three, but it doesn’t make it a single bit less enjoyable. He has a very relateable/trustworthy vibe about him and his focus is on honest, important reviews that help watchers get closer to financial independence. His channel feels optimal for the average investor that is trying to stay up to date with the most relevant projects and prominent news without getting overwhelmed by the exponential growth of information that has recently been accompanying Algorand’s DeFi space. He’s been making crypto videos for a while, but recently seems to have narrowed his focus to Algorand.


The first blog on the list, AlgoDaddy has been around since Algorand’s DeFi first started picking up. His blog has information you’ll find useful regardless of how long you’ve been around the Algorand Community. His topics include:

  • A comprehensive series of beginner guides, perfect for someone just getting started with Algorand.
  • A series of Intermediate level articles, covering the major players and aspects of the Algorand Blockchain
  • A deep dive series, which currently has information on 7 different ASAs

His content is advertised as “high-quality, but easily digestible Algorand guides and articles,” and I couldn’t agree more.


A newer blog on the block, AlgoGovClub deserves to be mentioned based on the depth and quality of their few posts alone. Look no further than their recent two part series on navigating Algomint and Algofi. I’m not sure there are any other content creators that have provided such a detailed step by step guide on how to be a part of Algorand’s Incentive program. If they continue to keep up this great work, there’s no doubt in my mind that future governors will be far better off for it.

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